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Business Line

Objective and Scope

Engineering activities on all kinds of scientific activities, electronics, communication, information security, cyber security, computer algorithms, signal processing, image processing, sound processing, video processing, developing existing methods in the literature and producing new methods for needs.

Scientific research activities for agricultural, disaster, emergency, transportation and communication services in the field of geographic information systems and engineering studies at the point of software development, algorithm design, application and testing in this direction.

samples from work fields

bilimsel arastirma

Scientific Research

scientific, technological, security-oriented research

  • comprehensive literature review

Algorithm Development

identify and implement a need-oriented methodology

  • image-based navigation,
algoritma gelistirme
sayisal tasarim

Digital Design

  • image comparison
  • data flow control
  • encoder/decoder
  • compression/decompression
  • microprocessor
  • uart, …


Performance and memory efficient coding of existing functions and/or modules in a different programming language, or development in the same language.

yeniden kodlama
goruntu isleme

Image processing

  • Hyperspectral image processing
  • Wide area image object detection
  • Moving object detection
  • Biomedical image processing

Artificial Learning

  • Data set analysis, data preparation
  • Model performance metrics
  • Model performance measurements
  • Image processing with deep learning
yapay ogrenme


O-RAN Mplane, communication baseband

  • encoder/decoder
  • ECC, awgn kanal modelleme, BER


Problem modeling, minimum and maximum point finding approaches, application of theoretical methods.


according to the working areas

To provide consultancy services on all kinds of project management, project writing, project development, information and data security, and cyber security for the specified areas.

To carry out research and experimental development activities, including natural sciences and engineering related agricultural research. To provide engineering consultancy services.

Providing consultancy in areas such as scientific and technical activities, information and system security consultancy, mathematical and statistical studies, data analysis services.

Computer programming activities; To provide coding services for system, database, network, and other software and customer-specific software. Within the scope of computer consultancy activities, providing expert opinion on hardware-related informatics such as hardware requirements, determining computer requirements, providing services and consultancy in the planning and design of computer systems.

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