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TAYF Research Development Engineering Consultancy Inc.

We are a company that works on research, development and engineering and provides consultancy services.


scientific, technological, security-oriented research



improvements for efficiency and saving



solution-oriented, on-target consulting approach


Bring Your Ideas to Life!

If you have an idea for the benefit of humanity and need support in the fields of scientific research, electronics, communication, information security, cyber security, computer algorithms, signal / image / video processing related to your project, contact us and let's evaluate what we can do.

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Scientific Research

Algorithm Development

Digital Design

Image processing

Machine Learning, Re-Coding

Communication, Optimization

and more..



We are a crew sailing on the same ship with our valuable colleagues, each of whom is a human being first.

According to our job descriptions rather than our names;

our Information and Communication unit that connects us,

Researchers and Designers, who form our core and backbone,

our sine qua non and driving force our Software/Application/Development unit

and our managers who hold the entire TAYFA together, we are a structure that complements each other.

We work with the best experts in their fields to provide you with the most competent service.

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Executive Leaders

administration and operation

The functioning of all administrative and operational activities, from company organization and general management to the management of work units, from project planning and research roadmap creation to financial analysis and strategic planning; It is the authority and responsibility of our executive leaders with a high sense of duty and effective in the field.

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Information and Communication Unit


One of the most important pillars in supporting our country's chip design, production and marketing ecosystem is to reach manpower. That is the main goal of the information and communication unit, which also is responsible for corporate communication and promotion, especially customer relations. In addition to VLSI, ASIC, FPGA, UVM, DSP, Embedded software and system design, academic activities, software and algorithm development, cyber security and awareness are on scope of our radar.

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Researchers & Designers

think factory and backbone

Our researchers, who take an active role in obtaining information from past to present, literature review, classification, examination and clustering of methods, aiming to reveal new efficient and functional methods by examining studies in different disciplines, working with the mission of continously feeding and refreshing the knowledge in the team, are an indispensable part of TAYFA.

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our power on energy and action

Our team members, who are involved in running, re-implementing, reviewing and optimizing existing algorithms, are actively working under the roof of software development. The Software Application and Development unit embodies the methods put forward by the researchers and adds action capability to ideas and designs by providing infrastructure support to the entire team, especially to the Digital Design unit.

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